The door house

Welcome to my house!

I am Adrianna, I like coffee, but sometimes I drink tea also. I have a dream, someday… I want to build a coffee shop and tea house.

I am a student in Japan, phD student. I know, phD student is on of the hard part. It needs a lot of sacrifices. So, I need friend to talk, about life. You know, being a phD student, it could change everything… the thought, personality, and of course the life. I’ll share the story in this blog.

You can contact me at

Thank you for reading.


PS. Have you drink your coffee today?


8 thoughts on “The door house

  1. knock..knock…knock…

    Wah…it seems I’m the first one to visited your new house Adriaana we met several years ago when I’m using ^_^ nice to meet you here..
    For Autumn…its nice to have a good relationship with you ^_^

    Congratulations for Hakagi Coffe House ^_^ unfortunately I cant drink my coffee for awhile..but still cheers for fill this house with all you memories ^_^ I’ll be verry happy for reading yours..

    • Hi, pengagum langit ^_^
      Wow… you found me here! I’m very glad to meet you again 🙂
      I will tell my story here from now. But now, I found a new blog-mate who will share the story with me.
      Thanks for visiting here and reading our story.

      Hey, Autumn…
      let me introduce my friend… pengagum langit is my friend when I was in old blog before.


  2. hai mbawid… i miss you… hai autumn…yoroshiku.. 😀
    ganbatte untuk phd nya…kalo saya, cukup phd-pizza hut delivery saja..ahahahh…
    i’m waiting for your next post, nice found you here.. 😀

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