Read the earth’s mind

Sekitar jam 7 malam lebih-lebih dikit, saya akhirnya meninggalkan lab. Dan saat keluar dari institute…bbrrr…gila, angin jadi kenceng, dingin pula. Salah kostum banget, ini pake baju yang fit on summer, haha. Karena siang tadi emanga gak sedinging ini. Panas malah.

Yeah, autumn comes. No, autumn is coming. Exactly coming. Perubahan suhu dari pagi ke siang, ato dari siang ke malam sudah keliatan bedanya. Mulai bingung pake baju apa, karena kalo malem saya pulang dari lab pasti uda dingin.

Jadi inget pas saya di Korea dulu, we were supposed to know the season language, because we worked on agriculture. We should know when the plants start to plant, and when it’s ready to harvest. When the harvest time comes, ah.. I didn’t really like that time. It was gloomy, because all plants that we planted were rippening.. and after harvesting, the cold winds were coming.. and winter will come. Winter is gloomy. So, the coming of chilly winds on the autumn… just reminds me that winter will come.

Instead, I am following the sunset from my window’s lab… follow the movement of the sun when the sunset comes every months. Surprisingly, mr. vampire does the same thing. That’s why he opens the window’s curtain in the afternoon. I took some pictures since last year, so I could know the sunset position for each season.

And, today’s sunset reminds me of last year sunset, on autumn. Sunset which could be refrected on the lab windows.

Just understand the season, talk to the nature, and read earth’s mind.

~ Adrianna


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