Girl talks

This nite, I met my friend at the coffee shop, just after we stayed at lab almost a whole day, from in the morning to evening. Yeah, even we are studying in the same institute (but at different lab), but we don’t easily meet each other. We don’t talk everyday. So, for refreshing… we just had…girl talks, haha.

We talked about our institute, our professor, and lab life. How kibishi (=strict) sensei from other lab, how the experiment is going on… just standart talks for student.

But, what made me surprised is… my institute is really exclusive. Almost all of the professors have high standart. They expect to be a famous, have a good research, have smart students, many high quality publications. And the institute people are the great npeople. They don’t want ordinary people, they want extraordinary. Because I heard, one lab, the prof is easy to fire people. Or…there is another rule, such as, don’t texting in the lab, so the handphone should put on the locker.

I think, I am lucky. Lucky to be here, the exclusive research center in Japan. And I am under the good professors, they want to raise me to be a good scientist in the world.

If we start with a good intension, I believe I could obtain the good result. InsyaAlloh 🙂

~ Adrianna


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