Unexpectation meeting

I had a senior. He is japanese, postdoc in my lab, crystal lab I mean. Everybody says he is handsome guy. Probably he is one of the famous postdoc in my institute. Looks like, everybody knows him. Because he does a cool research, crystallography.. and good looking of course, haha.

But I don’t care who he is. He is just one of my senpai, my senior who meet everyday! Really, everyday… monday to next monday again. That’s why we’re getting closer, he’s like big brother..and he thinks, I am a lil sister.

Setiap hari, kami bertemu di tengah-tengah perjalanan saya menuju ke lab crystal, dan senior saya menuju ke smoking room. Awalnya kami hanya sekedar saling “konichiwa” doang.. Tapi lama-lama kami mengobrol. Dia cerita tentang pengalamannya ikut conference di Hokkaido dan mengenalkan saya para crystallographer di japan dan negara lain… Lalu mengajari saya experiment method, debate research… and jokes. Many jokes, haha. Sometimes, it was fun.. But when I’m not in the mood, I tried to avoid him. But I don’t have an idea, why his smoking time is the same time when I had to go to crystal lab?

And one day… we met again. Dan dari jarak yang jauuuh, saya menahan ketawa. I was thinking, “Really? Again? Meet?”

Lalu senior saya bilang, “You know what, today I had suchou (=business trip). I went early morning to Tokyo, and this afternoon I came back to Osaka again.”

Dan saya jawab dengan basa-basi, “Oh, otsukaremasadeshita. It must be tired.”

Senior saya bilang lagi, “The point is, today we meet again…even I just come to here.”

I still don’t get it. What is mean?

“Everyday we meet, don’t we? Ami told me. Kiitayou (=I heard).”

“Haha. And even my kenkyusitsu sensei (that’s we called my crystal man, my post-doc senior who teaches me the crystallization), I don’t meet him everyday.”

“Because your sensei is not smoking.”

And we laughed together. Haha.
Yes, I told someone from crystal lab. I told everyday I meet him. And I don’t expect that he also knows about it, and he told me..haha.


~ Adrianna


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