New face

Some people might be surprised with what happened in this blog. I changed a blog. I mean, now, I have privilege to own this blog, hehehehe (big smileee).

Saya ingin punya blog lagi. Tapi saya sudah comfort sama blog ini, dan saya sudah ijin dengan partner saya autumn, hehe. She has her own blog and she loves it, and maybe we should have just one blog. More focus. She is good at her blog, many touchy-poems, I like to read it.
So I decided to take care of this blog. I also changed the theme, so grey. Because it’s nearly autumn, and cold time comes, it will be getting colder and colder… And, long winter makes everything looks so grey.
And the world…is grey. Sometimes we could not find a black and white. Because they are mixed. Just grey.
But the baloon on the top (still in this blog), it gives hopes. Hope for our imagination. There is still hopes, even in the greyish side.

Grey and hope.
Welcome to this blog, my own blog, adrianna’s blog…hehehe.

Happy reading! (and writing).

~ Adrianna


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