Figure it out

Now… I’m trying. I am. I just thought, maybe my father was correct. So I try to figure it out.

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, kami berdiskusi, diskusi ayah-dan-anak. Tapi diskusi kami bukan seperti diskusi antara ayah-anak pada umumnya. We are scientist, my father is professor and I am phd student. Our talks are many about science things and debate and scientist life again. We deal with it.

Lalu ayah tiba-tiba mengeluarkan opini, “Kenapa gak coba publish research-mu di coference? Udah saatnya kamu melakukan oral presentation. At least, you will have experience how to defeat your research, and you can meet expert people then you can discuss with them.”
And I answered, “Saya masih gak punya data. Apa yang mau dipublish?”
As usual, my father commented, “You have datas. You just don’t realize it. And you’re too perfectionist.”
Again, I defeated. “It’s not about my perfectionist. But I really don’t have any data. I still don’t get a crystal. So, how am I supposed to report? I belong to crystal lab. My real work is crystallography. I should to have a crystal. That’s my data.”

Some people prefer to publish the research in the paper, scientific journal. But some people don’t care. That’s ok publish to conference or paper. But I’m type of people who prefer give my data to scientific paper. And actually, I don’t have any interested to attend the conference. Because it’s just conference. Spend a lot of money. Beda dengan scientific paper, even it also costs expensive it’s worth. I mean, we can access the paper in internet, it can be cited by somebody else, and it has impact factor, score! That’s why I need to write on the paper, not just talking in conference room.

When I was master degree, I did publish my research in conference. I went to Istanbul. Because that conference gave compensation, my abstract has been issued in the high quality of journal! The impact factor was so high, 6… somethin. It was high, and it’s just abstract only. I found in internet, by my self and it took long time. So after my abstract was accepted, I went to that conference.

Tapi, mungkin ada baiknya jika sekarang saya mencoba mencari conference. Mungkin tidak ada fasilitas untuk mempublish abstract di paper dengan score tinggi seperti dulu. Tapi mungkin saya bisa mencari conference dimana speaker-nya adalah professor yang saya incar? And my father was right, I can meet someone expert there.

Now I’m working on that. Searching the possibility of conference that I can attend.
Wish me luck!

~ Adrianna


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