Moon sign from the ancestor

Setelah pulang dari softball competition, saya harus balik ke lab untuk membersihkan alat-alat yang saya pakai pagi tadi. Yes, I did experiment at 7 am and I came around 6:45 am in the lab. Karena bus harus berangkat jam 8 lebih 20 pagi, maka dari itu saya harus melakukan experiment as soon as possible dan terpaksa meninggalkan alat-alat kotor.

Di lab, dengan kondisi badan capek, capek karena softball dan capek karena pagi-pagi saya juga sudah melakukan experiment dan sekarang saya harus berhadapan dengan barang-barang kotor… saya terpaksa menggunakan sisa-sisa energi yang ada untuk membereskan barang-barang saya. Mr. vampire tau kalau saya datang. He always knows, but pretending he doesn’t know..haha. Gaya yang khas. Dan ketika saya sedang sendirian, sambil mendengarkan lagu-lagu dari iPod sebagai penghalau kantuk, tiba-tiba mr vampire datang.

“Do you know, today is the most beautiful full moon in 1 year. You can see outside.” he said.


Moon is just the moon. Full moon is always same, round shape and bright. What’s the special?

“It’s from japanese ancestor. And we believe that.” He said again.

Yeah, he knows, I am astronomy enthusiast. And he is always listening me when I talked about astronomy, sky, moon, planets, and stars. So I was happy, when we talked anything about sky. Maybe I told you before, in lab, he always opened the windows and he let me see the sunset from his windows. And he’s only the one who get excited when I showed him jupiter in the winter night sky.. or mars after sunset in early spring.

That’s why he told me about the moon. Not surprising.

And when I walked to go home… I was thinking, and saw the moon many times. I just wondered, why they said it’s the most beautiful moon. Then I remembered, that night… in Korea, it was thanksgiving day, they called chuseok. The most important day in Korea. In chinese, they also celebrated the mid-autumn festival day. And after I searched in internet, why japanese said it was the most beautiful moon, because they also have.. otsukimi, in the same day. So, it is from chinese ancestor… when they still had lunar calender. Oh, I do understand now.

Everything is related, the sign from their ancestor. Autumn is coming.

~ Adrianna



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