Friends in the lab

I have juniors. They are master students. I told you, I have 2 labs… and I’m always spending my day in biochemistry lab even I don’t belong to that lab. But, I have many experiments there. Mau tidak mau… saya mengenal para junior master student, and of course mr. vampire. But, I don’t want to talk about mr. vampire. I will talk about the juniors.

Mungkin berawal dari keterpaksaan… berawal dari kebiasaan sehari-hari… and it’s been more than 1 year, we know each others. Mereka membuat hubungan kami seperti famili… meski kami beda negara. When I was in hospital, they came. And when I discharged from hospital and I came to the lab, we celebrated and they bought cake for me. Of course we ate together with sensei and the secretary. Sensei also was surprised. I’m not the lab member, but I am the part of lab.

We sometimes talked about our private life, and our sensei, who has 2 years remaining before retired, listened us. One of the junior is living together with his girl-friend. Or… the others, he likes a girl, but the girl doesn’t. Or… another, he couldn’t move on from his ex-girl friend. And sensei, he just laughed listened our story, haha.


They like to play in game center place… usually they go in the friday night. So, game center tersebut berisi bermacam-macam arena permainan seperti softball player, soccer yard, skating, golf, archery, banyak deh. Sekali saya pernah bergabung dengan mereka. Mereka mengabulkan permintaan saya untuk bermain basket, haha. Kami tanding basket 3 on 3. And we had fun.

Two of them, had stuck of experiment failed. So, they went to Kyoto just for refreshing. And yesterday… they gave me omiyage, from Kyoto. They know me so well, I always drink coffee or tea. So, they brought me cappucino sticks of matcha green tea. How sweet are they… haha.

But, unfortunately, mr. vampire doesn’t like them. He thinks they are too young. Neither them. So, when I play with them… mr. vampire showed me “I-don’t-like-this-view” expression. And when mr. vampire interrupted our conversation, they just answered short words. Hahaha, what are you doing people.

~ Adrianna




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