When the typhoon strikes

Sudah 3 kali dalam hampir 2 tahun ini saya merasakan… typhoon menyerang japan.

I am always frightened when the storm is coming. My windows made scary sounds, like someone hits my windows… and I can hear how strong the wind is. How can you sleep with this situation?

It was happened from 2:00 am to around 7:00 am in Osaka. So, I couldn’t sleep. Setiap tidur, bangung gara-gara suara keras dari jendela. Untung aja sekarang tanggalan merah di Japan. Jadi semua orang kagak keluar rumah. Meski sekarang typhoon uda lewat, tapi jma (japan meteorological agency) masih memberikan peringatan warning untuk osaka.

I will show you the warning from jma that I captured at early morning


Jma issued the purple area in Kyoto. It means, emergency weather warning. And the storm was about 19 m/s.

And.. this is recent pic. Osaka passed the storm, but it’s still in the red warning area. Now, the storm hits Tokyo and the north Japan.


The purple area are disappeared. But the wind is over than 20 m/s.

Yeah, it’s scary. Sebelah apato saya adalah parking area, tidak ada bangunan lain. Jadi angin akan menghantam langsung ke jendela saya. Dan apato saya adalah bangunan tua. Itu yang membuat saya takut.

And someone told me…
Once the storm stops, the sunny sky is coming, enjoy the in-between waiting 🙂

Yeah, it will

~ Adrianna


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