The warmth of rain

Today… in Japan, particularly in Osaka, the rain is falling. Now it’s still rainy outside. When I check the weather forecast news, the typhoon will be coming. That’s why the wind is stronger rather than usual.

And I still stuck in my house.

Usually, drink a cup of tea is good for enjoying the chilly rainy day. Hot tea. My choice is darjeeling. With some sugars inside. Sometimes, I choose English Breakfast Tea. But I prefer drink English Breakfast Tea at the morning.

Yeah, drink it elegantly, some people said.

But this time, I know how to enjoy the rain differently. I made banana stew from my grandma’s old recipe.
Could I share the recipe in this post?

Banana-cinammon stew

3 bananas and slice
2 table spoon of cinammon powder (the best is not using powder, but the cinnamon bark)
5 table spoon of sugar
500 ml water

How to make :
Boil the water, then mix with cinnamon and sugar. After we can smell the cinnamon, put the slice of banana. Wait until 3-5 mins, and take the stew out.


Haha.. This is one of my fav old recipe. Now my grandma is in the heaven. The others are some cookies like this picture. Chesse cookies, and cookies with pineapple jam inside.


Usually, my grandma puts clove on the top of pineapple cookies. When I was kid, I always helped hers made it. But, I can’t make it, haha. That’s why I put on my bucket list, someday I can make this cookies.

I like cinnamon, and clove. I like the smell. It makes everything is warm. I heard, people use the cinnamon and clove when the autumn is starting. Because when the autumn is coming, the weather is become colder and colder. People need something warmth for the body.

So, I think, this rain.. would like to say that the summer is end. Then, the autumn will be coming. And It was good idea to take my cinnamon up from my storage place.

~ Adrianna


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