Family scientist

Do you think is it a good idea when you have the same profession with your family, such as your father?

Sometimes, it’s ok. But… I don’t think so.

A few weeks ago, I had fight with my father, and it was about my research. My father and I are biologist. Now I am doing the previous my father’s research. So, at least I need to know the previous data from my father. Because I found there is a differences data, and I don’t know which data should I follow. For me, I have to fix this data quickly, so I can do another work. Because I meet so many problems in my research, and at least I can solve one of them. Perhaps, it was not good timing for my father. He was so busy. No, he’s always busy. I understood. But, can’t he give me a few minutes for talk about his data… or at least his old research story? It’s just one example for our several time fight. Other fight, maybe it’s about the argument. Different opinion between him and me. I can present my opinion, and he can defeat me. And it is usual for us. About science, we don’t family each other. With family, the science discussion forum is more strict I think.

About one week after that, I attended my father’s sensei reward acceptance from emperor in Nagoya. The reason why he received the reward is because he contributed science for Japan. And my father is one of his student who support him for his research. That’s why, I am as the 2nd generation, invited at this ceremony. And I gave him the flower bucket as a symbol from his student on the stage. And another girl, shiori-chan, 3 years-old, my father’s friend daughter, also the 2nd generation… gave him the present. Of course I met many my father’s friends, the japanese friend. They said, he met me when I was so a little. And now, I’m phD student. They were surprise. But unfortunately, I didn’t know who are they. So, it looks like reunion. Scientist reunion. Time flies indeed. Everybody knew that. My father came to Japan and learned a lot of science, and now… my turn to come to Japan and extend my father’s study. So, it’s no wrong to call me the 2nd generation. And looked at me like product of time machine.

20130815-133633.jpg  20130815-133803.jpg

One time, that sensei said to my father and me..

“I am envy to you. Because there is a someone who following your study. As a family scientist. When you’ re getting old like me, you will need someone to extend our study. Because if you don’t share your knowledge to the next generation, your study means nothing. Science is not only we got, we can’t build the science alone. But we need people, next generation, to complete the science. Science is too huge to solve it alone.”

it’s true 🙂 So… family scientist is not bad idea, isn’t it?

~ Adrianna


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