Dating with computer

“Tomorrow is weekend. And tonight, I have a date with seniors”.. Few months ago, I said this sentences to my self. But it was not literally meaning, haha. See, I said ‘seniors’… so more than 1 person. I spent with crystal man and mr. vampire. And it was about my research, and my computer. So, ‘have a date’ means ‘enjoying the time while the seniors teach us’…haha.

Actually, I don’t really like computer work. I don’t like the feeling when I had problem with computer and I can’t solve the problem. And when I gave up, I just can wait the miracle, hoping that I am a smart person, solving every single problem. So… that day, it was… complicated. My computer was suddenly freeze, and I had a computer work, about genetic things… DNA code or something. And unfortunately, I don’t have experience using mac because I used to work with windows. That’s why my seniors helped me, taught me using mac, and repaired my computer! (crystal man repaired my computer). And mr. vampire forced me to finish my genetic data. He waited me to work while he had experiments. So, I finished at… 3 am saturday morning! And maybe he knows that I was sleepy, because my voice was changed and my eyes was red… and I didn’t talk much. So he offered me, “do you want a chocolate?” he took his chocolate from his shelf.


You know, have a computer work… sometimes it makes me remembered something. It was long… time ago. I remembered, why I finally decided to buy mac over windows. I had someone who loves mac, and we think it’s nice to be couple computer, hehe. He is very smart, particularly on computer work.

He has passion in computer programming, but I’m not. I don’t like computer or something using code in the computer. So, he always helped me and he was my hero. But even I could ask him how to fix the problem that I found in computer, it was so difficult for me.. because we were not in the same location. So he just instructed me to do this..this.. from different place, but I didn’t know what he talked about. Sometimes, it made us fight, haha. Then, I avoided to make conversation about the computer things. Computer conversation made me looks idiot. After all, he has his world…with his passion. And I’m with mine, biology things. But I still need computer work because to analyze genetic work, I need software to help me. So, I still can, at least, understand with his world. Computer work. Even his field and mine are different.

But he’s gone now. And we don’t have any conversation, at all. No more we can talk. Of course I lost my computer teacher. But sometimes, I remembered how to solve some computer problems from him when he taught me. Anyway, thank you.. there.

That’s my old story

~ Adrianna


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