Book and coffee

Kemarin, tiba-tiba Autumn mengirimkan sebuah message.. katanya, “Book and coffee”


Sepertinya dia baru saja merenovasi rumahnya, hehe. Autumn suka sekali buku-buku, terutama novel. I like her new place… looks so… library, hehe.

Long time ago… I had a dream, to build a small library someday. But.. I just realize, I don’t have my own place. My life… always moves from other place to another place. And I thought, I can’t have many books to bring everywhere. Because it’s heavy and costs expensive for shipping. And in my house (my parent house literally), I don’t have my space anymore. I still have books, but no one cares about my books. So… maybe it’s better if I don’t increase more.

She also has coffee machine! Sugoi! When I was in Korea… my lab has kind of this coffee machine. And everyday I used to make morning coffee. Your book and coffee place looks awesome, Autumn!

And… this my book and coffee place. But, not in my house. It’s part of my desk at my lab. See, this not my book, but my prof book. I borrow and put on my desk, haha. Then, my coffee maker… it’s very manual. Not machine, so I can bring everywhere I want. I am always moving, you know… haha.


How do you think… our book and coffee space?

~ Adrianna




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