The character

Like another weekend, I spend my saturday night with movies. And it’s not pathetic thing. And… as I said before, I like to watch doctors life series story, grey’s anatomy.

Actually, my friend recommended this series to me. Yeah, my ‘white-hole’ friend, my another soul-mate. She and I admire about life things. What’s going on with nature… or human… feeling… and of course with psychology things. We both are agree that this series talk about life. Interaction with others, about career, love, education being teacher or student, friendship, science… many things. That’s why we like this series. And last week, I just bought the DVD season 1..haha. I like season 1, because the story was simple. Very simple. Just about friendship and school life. Then the next season… the story was more complicated. About the job, love, family, and it changes them.

So when I watch this series so far… we talked about the characters because there are many doctors involved who have different and unique characters. Sometimes we like, sometimes don’t.

Ok, we started with that conversation, “Maybe I am Dr. Webber’s character.” she said. Dr. Webber was a chief in that hospital. And… I found his character on hers. The way he taught the student, motivated the student, the way of thinking when he’s got stressed… just like hers, my ‘white-hole’ friend. She called it, so psycology. Well, I got it.

Then, I asked hers, “How about me? I think I couldn’t found my character.” But she answered, “There is. Dr. Teddy might be your character.” Who? So I was wondering. Dr. Teddy was appeared in the season 6, so she is a new comer. And now I’m following her character… how many match between hers and me. And my friend was right. I am so Teddy. Teddy is numb about love, sometimes get emotional involved and that’s why sometimes it’s better to take them off, not career oriented but she is Goddest of cardio, always thinking how your ability will be spent for… and it should be useful for anyone. That’s me. So me. But not a hundred percent exactly.

Another characters, I like them. I told you, they have unique characters. And it’s like they have soul in their speciality.

I like when they said, “Let me operate”. Of course they suggest that, because they are surgeon. It’s their job. That’s why when I talked to mr. vampire about my surgery plan long time ago, he was disagree. He said the same thing, “Off course they will operate you, because they are surgeon. Their job to have surgery.” Haha. Yeah, I know some about my hospitalization from Grey’s Anatomy.

Anyway, it’s not real… just drama and act, haha.

PS. Another friend (she is a doctor) recommended me another doctor series, Dr. House. She said this series is better than Grey’s Anatomy. Ouw, we’ll see.

~ Adrianna


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