Summer holiday plan

Like I said, summer is good. I mean, many things are happened in the summer, and it makes summer is special. In Japan, we have summer holiday. It’s real, not fake holiday.

I mean, there’re national holiday from government. Usually in the middle of August, it called “obon yasumi”, for private and civil employee have 3 days holiday. But if someone wants to have more days for vacation, that’s ok. In our lab, they prepare the holiday plan schedule for members. So we know, who will be off from lab, when they will have holiday.


Actually, I have a plan in this summer holiday.. instead experiment off course. I will meet Autumn for the first time! Yep, I will go to Fukuoka. I booked the shinkansen ticket already. Anyway, it’s cost high. Off course, Osaka and Fukuoka are separated by 2 islands. We can take by shinkansen, overnight bus (departure at night, arrive in the morning), ship, or airplane! You can imagine, how far is it. The price between shinkansen and overnight bus… are similar, not a big gap. So, I decided to take on shinkansen.

But… Autumn is very busy. She always has something to do even in the weekend. Like the weekend when I will come her place. She will have something arabaito (=part time job) in her campus. She will guide the students for summer camp. I hope there is no problem when I come there. Or I can join the summer camp too? Haha

I can imagine, how busy is she… because I am also the busy person. When everybody take the summer holiday on the weekdays, I can take my summer holiday on weekend! So, people said actually I don’t take my summer holiday, haha. How can I take my weekdays holiday if there is the deadline one semester experiment progress report at 3rd week this month, and we all will have the presentation of our progress and research plan for next semester in my crystal lab.

Anyway… about the summer holiday, I had conversation with mr. vampire. Because he doesn’t fill anything about the summer holiday schedule.

So I asked him, “Do you take this summer holiday?”

And he answered, “Of course. I will go home, to Tokyo.”

My response, “Oh…” with straight face.

“Heh? Why you said ‘Oh’ like that? Of course I will take summer holiday.”

Haha, he thought that I thought he will stay in the lab, and work hard… and doesn’t take summer holiday. I know he will take summer holiday, but ‘when?’… that’s my point actually.

“Every summer holiday, I always go home to clean my house. Because literally, in Tokyo, that’s my house. My brother has the company, and I have the house. But now, my mom and my brother are living in my real house… and they don’t clean it often. So, that’s my responsibility to clean it. Actually it’s not too dirty… but messy. Papers are everywhere… insurance paper, bill paper, newspaper, many papers. So I don’t have a place for… at least reading a book.” he explained.

I am happy to spend the summer here, in Japan. At least, I don’t have agriculture field work like when I was in Korea, haha.

~ Adrianna


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