Simple happy

Hari ini, seperti hari-hari biasanya. Eksperimen di lab, dan saya pulang lebih awal. Pulang jam 8:00 pm. But it’s not too early for me, because I came in the morning and end in the evening. Almost 11 hours! So I think I deserve to go home evening, not in the midnite.

But he always said, “Hayai desune..” (=early go home). I think he wants to talk with me. Because if I go home early, he can’t talk to me. And because today he looks like want to talk to me. Suddenly, he stood beside me when I observed my result experiment today..and asked, “How’s the result?” Or when I saw my junior new bicycle, he was smiling at me and I said, “Atarashi jitensha (=new bicycle)”. Then he responded, “Mita (=I saw).” and still smiling.

So, today… after I said “Kaerimasu (=I go home).” and he smiled again at me and said “Hayai desune..” But it was joke. Then he understood that I was not in the good condition. So he said, “odaijini…” Yeah, he can read my mind, however I tried to hide. He knows everything.

“Ya, gara-gara makan ice cream. It was first time after I had surgery, and I felt discomfortable.” I said.

Lalu dia memberi tips-tips makan ice cream versinya, karena dia juga ada masalah dengan pencernaannya kalau makan ice cream sembarangan. Yeah, I feel like I will reach 40 (not 30), just like him.

And, I think… he still wants to talk to me, and he doesn’t let me go. So, I continued the conversation. I asked him about new movie in the rental dvd. This weekend, I watched Cloud Atlas.. and I remembered him because I think he will like this movie. And as I thought, he wants to watch cloud atlas too, but he has a list. He can watch 1 movie in the weekend, and he’s really selective.. because he just doesn’t want to watch not satisfying movie. If he does, he will not be in the mood. (I agree with him, hehe)
Lalu saya juga tanya tentang film “The Lady” karena banyak sekali konflik politik, dan sepertinya cocok dengan dia karena dia suka isu-isu politik. He likes to discuss about politic world. Tapi komen dia, “I don’t interested with this movie, because I don’t really like hers. But I don’t know actually, she is good or not”
And I answered, “she’s difficult and in the grey part. Because she was confused which sacrifice she took.”

30 minutes simple conversation with him, Mr. vampire, and it was fun 🙂

~ adrianna


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