We have a plan

Everybody always has a plan, so do I. Plans for the future. Sometimes, make a plan is one of the exciting things. But when the plan could not be achieved, we will feel disappointed. You know, I used to like making a plan. Then, many times hurt…many times disappointed… it made me quit to be a plan maker.

Tahun ini saya mempunyai rencana untuk menghabiskan waktu lebaran (kind of thanksgiving day) bersama keluarga. Sejak saya sudah tidak lagi tinggal di Indonesia (tahun 2009) sampai tahun ini… I could not have a thanksgiving ‘family’ day. Kadang, melihat orang-orang di Jepang merayakan thanksgiving day bersama keluarga mereka… dan hanya saya yang berada di lab… no family, no lab-mate, no thanksgiving, it really made me envy. So, this year… I have to back home, this was my plan. But… my sensei suggested me to have my vacation last April, so I will not have vacation this summer. I couldn’t understand what he was thinking. Spring vacation, it wasn’t a good idea. At that time, I was not in the mood for home. I still had a lot work to do. Then, when I stayed at home… my grandma was passed away. I was speechless.  She was the last grandparents in my family, and now I don’t have grandparents.

Itu hanya salah satu kejadian yang saya alami dari banyak kejadian selama 27 tahun. See… I just can make a plan. Just a plan maker. And sometimes, I feel afraid to make a plan. Karena kita tidak tau apa yang akan terjadi di kemudian hari. My father… doesn’t agree with me. He’s a plan maker. He always has plan A, B, C. I used to follow him. But.. sometimes, I could not be able to handle the disappointed things. I’m not that kind of person, not strong enough to carry the hurt.

So, if you ask me, “What’s your plan in the future?” Then I always answer, “I don’t have any plan for the future. But, I have a plan for today, doing the best as I can.”

~ Adrianna


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