Summer bright

I like summer, compare to other season. Because summer is so bright, no more feeling blue. I’m tired to be a feeling blue person, haha. When I was in Korea, I don’t like summer because a lot work I have to do. Remember, I was in agricultural field. Summer means, taking care the rice field, planting, watering, and harvesting. And in the evening, I should do lab work. Very exhausted. But time goes by, and I was enjoying. Summer… saya menjadi lebih dekat dengan alam. Tanaman yang hijau, serangga, bright-color flowers, the breeze.. and it looks so wonderful. Semua orang menikmati outdoor activity, tanpa harus merasa tersiksa kedinginan. Dan kadang hujan datang untuk memberi suasana yang lebih segar pada alam, balancing from overheated.


One thing. Semenjak saya pindah ke Jepang, saya semakin suka dengan summer. Fireworks festival, summer vacation (even I don’t have summer vacation literally), beach (ini efek dari nonton drama jepang Beach Boys, haha), and of course.. my fav flowers is there! Sunflower! In japan, when summer comes, people are growing many sunflowers… I can see sunflower everyyywheree 😀 Sunflower, how bright is it.. so yellow.. so tall.. and it makes me like a friend. I mean, sometimes we have the same height and easy to say hello without bowing. Haha, silly thought. Di Jepang, sunflower tumbuh setelah hydrangea. I like hydrangea too. Bunga itu seperti simbol kalo sedang musim hujan, karena sebelum benar-benar panas… hujan sering turun. Seperti peralihan musim dari spring ke summer. Even I also like blue hydrangea (but my korean friend, he likes pink hyrangea, haha), I need something bright. As I said, I don’t want to be the blue anymore.

20130727-131900.jpg  20130727-131411.jpg

Last year, I went to the biggest fireworks festival in Osaka. Namanya Tenjin matsuri. I was happy, even there were so many people.. so crowded and we couldn’t enjoy the whole festival. Tapi suasana summer festival di jepang… banyak orang jual makanan khas summer, kakigori (=es serut), macam-macam games, yukata (baju traditional japan ketika summer).. and of course the fireworks.. It’s just… perfect. See, the summer is bright, even in the night. And it makes the bright mood too. I can ignore the temperature (now is about 30-35 degree celcius) and the humidity… and the long daytime in the summer.

20130727-131740.jpg  20130727-132419.jpg  20130727-132132.jpg

Selain itu, menikmati summer di Jepang bukan hanya dengan festival kembang api. One thing that made me impressed. Anak-anak kecil bersama teman-temannya atau kadang dengan ayahnya mencari serangga di pohon-pohon. It’s not only about the family thing or friendship thing. Tapi mereka belajar untuk menikmati alam. Belajar untuk membaca bahasa alam. Karena dengan mereka mencari serangga… mereka akan mengenali serangga apa yang ada di musim tersebut, atau tumbuhan apa yang biasanya ditinggali oleh serangga-serangga tersebut. It’s biology.

Then… we can also see, many high school or junior high school students are enjoying the sport club. Sometimes, I wish I could swim… because summer is the best season for swimming. Mr. vampire is a swimmer. And I thought, lucky him because he got complete summer things. But he said, he doesn’t like summer because he likes autumn.. haha.

~ Adrianna


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